Services Offered by Check Writing Companies

services from check writing companies

The primary service of check writing companies is sending your checks for you electronically or allowing you to send them out by printing them yourself. Electronic signatures and timely service is provided if you choose to send checks out online. Or your service can personalize your service with checks embedded with your logo and company information, and have checks ready so you need only print them and send them out.

Your business will be more up-to-the-minute with a good check writing company’s fast processing times. In many cases services offer same-day service, and your checks look as if you sent them from your business just as you would normally do. Your electronic payments will arrive on the planned days you specify. Check writing companies must be flexible to your needs, and will work with you to streamline your process.

To entice you, check writing companies all have a free trial period, usually around two weeks. Some companies also have demo versions so you can see if you really want their product. However, some have limitations. Be aware that because these companies have different locations and each has its specialty market. For example, some are compatible with U.S. banks only.

How Using a Check Writing Services Works

check writing company Check writing companies each have a sign-up process and a learning curve. As part of this, they will expect to set up an automatic payment method from you for their services. Then they will use the pay-out information you gave them from your bank to send payments to payees you have authorized.

Checks will be according to the schedule you set if they are transmitted electronically. Alternately, services will set up your checks to be printed and completed for you to print and send out. Check writing companies are also available to make one-time payments as you authorize them, depending on the plan you choose with their company.

Additional Services Some Companies Offer

individual financial plans The set of additional services check writing companies offer varies by service. Some options you will want to ask about are how their administration systems blend with yours. Know their processing times and the scalability of their processes as your business grows or you need a different approach. All of these services advertise their compatibility with both Apple and Windows programs, and real-time processing is now common.

Convenience is the biggest reason for using a check writing service. So it is no surprise that most check service companies now have 24-hour service so they are at your convenience, though a few do not. Some have free individual plans as well if you are wanting this service as a private person. These will be reduced versions of the full software but may work just as well for you.

How Does Electronic Funds Transmission Work?

Electronically transmitted funds are sent by using ACH payments. These are “Automated Clearing House” payments. Using this method allows your funds to be transmitted electronically, as either credits or debits to and from banks to each other. Check writing services usually offer free or near-free transfers. These are usually quick, safe, and convenient.

Alternately, these transactions can also transmit from a bank to an individual account, so this has become the most common form of automated payroll today. Most employees now expect online payroll for their salaries. It is convenient and easy, so it has become very popular.

A big value in using a check writing company is the security they offer. Their service includes auto-matching with banks, to decrease fraud nearly to zero. When you find a reputable check writing service they will include safety/cross-checking to ensure correct information and encryption for highly secure and safe transactions.