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Responsive view

eMusings has finally switched from a visual to a text only. And mobile friendly view. Using the Simply Pure theme built on Yahoo’s CSS framework. Yes, I could have used the built-in Twenty Sixteen theme, but I like being different. There are still some layout issues that I need to fix. So patience young paduwan!

More about Yahoo’s Pure by Yahoo – small, responsive CSS modules framework.

Note-taking apps Keep and Parchi

I’ve rather recently embraced Android. And like any new user have been trawling through the vast Play Store. Of special interest are note taking apps. Because us paper ‘n pen types like to write stuff down. Everywhere 🙂

The bundled (Android KitKat) Note app is a bit sparse on features and its interface sucks! So I use Google Keep to store texts to myself. Keep is tied into the Google’verse so I can auto-backup my stuff to my Google’count. (more…)