Running Your Company Can Be a Bitch!

If we’re gonna start playing the Blame Game folks regarding zero updates to this blog since July 2007. Then you gotta understand that running your company is a lot tougher than you would have thought 🙂

All those responsibilities sure age a cat faster than Tom ‘n Jerry toons would have us believe! After dealing with clients who (because of the email/text-chat only medium?) seem less receptive to ideas than I thought previously. And often some really thick developers. I now understand why Bill Gates visions for Windows never seem part of the delivered product.

All this text is attempting to justify why the very last thing I wanna do when I get home is get (again) on the Net. Download cool software. And review it. Actually parts I and II are easy. It’s Part III that needs the mental focus so lacking in the late evening. “So how was your day, honey?” pipes the wife. And all she gets is a vacant-eyed drooler looking back :p

After owning multiple USB sticks, I’ve discovered a keen interest in portable software. Although I actually use these portable apps more often on the Windows desktop than on my sticks. This growing fascination with portable apps is because its so easy to back ’em up. Or migrate them between multiple computers. Without any of the usual Windows install-tweak-backup settings-uninstall jazz!

Almost all the apps I use like the Firefox browser to surf the web. Thunderbird email client to check and send mail. FileZilla FTP client to transfer files to and from remote computers. WinSCP for secure file management between remote servers and my desktop file. And even the Q10 text editor (with speller) I’m composing this column in. Are available as portable apps.

The best place for free portable software applications. Including a launcher for your memory stick. Is the Portable Apps web site. If you have the bandwidth and want a pre-packaged Portable Apps Suite that includes a web browser, email client, office suite, calendar/scheduler, instant messaging client, antivirus, sudoku game, backup utility and integrated menu, all pre-configured to work portably. Just drop it on your portable device and you’re ready to go.

Wikipedia too has a really informative page all about portable applications along with a list of portable applications (bit out of date). And here are links to 100 (free) potable applications.

If you don’t mind a little Walk on the Wilder Side of the Internet, there are torrents aplenty offering popular commercial software converted into portable format. I found a WinAmp portable with a burn to CD option. As well as Adobe Photoshop CS3 Portable, Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 Portable. And even Microsoft Office 7 AI (all-in-one) Portable. The Thinstall application virtualization software launcher used to prepare these builds takes an activated desktop version complete with serial number and combines all its files into a single large (average >275 MB) file.

Pendrive offers links to Portable Opera, Komposer (a free Front Page alternate web editor) and uTorrent among other apps. Although I fail to see why uTorrent needs to be portable-ized tiny as it is!

Q10 is a free full-screen text editor. That’s available in a portable version complete with spell checker. And strangely isn’t included on the various portable app sites. Q10’s interface is minimalistic in the extreme. And reminds me of ye olde Norton Editor. packaged as single executable, all you have to do is launch it and start writing.

Of course there are some key differences. NE wasn’t sound-enabled. As you type in Q10 there’s a sound of a typewriter keys. And Enter generates a para return noise. Although there’s no end of line bell sound. Having transitioned directly from manual typewriters to PC-based word processors, I am clue less on how electronic word-processors sounded.

But don’t take my word for it. Get a copy for yourself today. The full screen can seem disconcerting at first. And the feature set isn’t as complete as Notepad++ or my favorite NoteTab Pro. But its a pretty good tool for the price. Or rather lack of one 🙂 And after using it I hope you will appreciate my painstaking approach to this blog post: all URLs in this post were added one character at a time. Click the following link for more on Q10 (version 1.2.21 with speller) capabilities plus download links.

That’s it for now. More (possibly if you keep your fingers crossed) later. Stay Safe ‘n Secure.

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