Is IE7Pro another piece of rubbish?

On March 25, 2007 I extolled the virtues of IE7Pro. This free Internet Explorer 7 extender added features like enhanced tab handling, customizable Ad & Flash blocking. Along with URL aliasing that links a case-sensitive keyword to a URL. Along with tracking opened tabs across browsing sessions. And Super Drag ‘n Drop where you click on, then drag a hyper link to open in new tab.

The version I had originally installed worked fault-free. Then I became ambitious and decided to frequently update my version with the developer’s new releases. Of of which introduced Internet Explorer 6 support. And I think that was the app’s undoing.

IE7 became very unstable. And would crash without provocation. When it felt like. And no, my tab history would vanish as well. The browser would restart with its default 1 open blank tab view only to crash a few seconds later again.

At first I put the crashing down to an improperly-tested Windows or IE7-specific update (which Microsoft seems to often release daily). But every single PC with a recently updated IE7Pro (supporting IE6 & IE7) installed was equally unstable!

So we gave this software the boot. And went back to working with the free Maxthon IE6/7 extender wrapper.

Adios! More another day

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