Is Google Chrome shiny gold or cheap tinplate?

The hottest, or rather shinest, web app today seems to be Google’s Chrome Web browser. But all that glitters ins’t gold. For starters a very strange EULA states that any data you exchange with a site when using Chrome is the property of Google!!! This post isn’t being processed using Chrome; that’s for sure.

Also Chrome is a teeny-weeny bit unstable on Vista. So I took the coward’s way out. And run it from my Microsoft Virtual PC Windows XP SP3 with IE8 Beta trial machine. And even there I don’t run the Chrome installed version; but the Google Chrome Portable.

I like

  • the speedy rendering engine that’s way faster than speed king Opera
  • super-cool download system that appears in a slide-up footer window
  • homage to MAD Magazine by using a Spy vs. Spy character like icon for private mode browsing

But hate

  • the lack of a multi-thread download manager as I don’t want to spend hours grabbing a file. Not all of us have super-dooper hi-speed broadband
  • no quick complete beyond Ctrl+Enter for .com unlike Firefox that can do .net & .org
  • big memory leak that doesn’t release system resources even when you kill a tab process
  • despite its Mozilla Gecko & Webkit origins doesn’t support Firefox or Safari extensions
  • no easy book mark system as viewing a site and adding it to the Bookmark Bar are 2 separate functions

Besides which Chrome is quite same-old same-old. On first run it imports your ‘other browser’ bookmarks, settings and site passwords. For me it only managed IE because my Firefox runs as a Portable Edition. And Chrome and Opera still don’t talk.

The interface is minimalistic in the extereme. Just a row of tabs running across the top of the browser window. With the browser address bar for the tab just below. Plus two icons for page/tab management and Chrome Control and customization.

PS: Did I hear you wanted more? Perhaps my blog re-launch post fell off your radar. I’ll give you more shorter, pithier posts 🙂

PPS: Cackhanded compliment #2: eMusings uses a Google Chrome-like theme while I sort out my options.

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