Windows 8 using PS2 devices

New Windows 8 users panicking that their PS/2 devices don’t work within Windows, there is a quick fix. But first a short history lesson 🙂

If you’ve recently upgraded an existing (legal, activated) Windows XP system to Windows 8, the first time you restart after the install you may find that your PS/2 keyboard and/or mouse no longer work! Panic is understandable. And its all Microsoft’s fault 🙂

When Windows XP is upgraded, for some reason incompatible drivers are retained. You have to beg or borrow a USB keyboard and mouse just to access your new Windows 8 setup, connect to the Internet and download new drivers for your hardware. In my case its was a Microsoft Wired 500 keyboard (sold for the past 4+ years with a PS/2 port).

Once did all I just wrote about then downloaded and installed the Wired 500 driver (oddly, its not included with the keyboard packaging), hot-plugging in the PS/2 keyboard miraculously enabled it. That was first for me with any PS/2 device. I remember shut down-plugin-restart with cross fingers as my SOP.

So all’s well that ends well: I can continue to use my favorite keyword (its low cost; soft touch, can take an incredible amount of abuse, includes multimedia functions, and on average lasts 2-3 years per unit) even though its got a dinosaur interface.

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