The literal translation of IT Jano is a bastardized Hindi equivalent of learning (about) IT. For purists its because the domain name I’d originally wanted was g-o-n-e. The olde IT Jano blog (powered by Blogger) lives on at its own domain too. E-Musings is an renewed attempt to move my online Freeloader persona into its own web space.

Freeloader (or See Ol’ Freeloader to be precise) was created way back in the mid-1990s as an escape from boredom! I was heading a multimedia CD-ROM development team when the CD-ROM market in India for made-in-India content wasn’t working out too well 🙂

My employers had switched to developing “get-rich-quick” shareware CD compilations. So I had lots of time on my hands and began writing about newly-launched Internet software and services for Cyber India Online (that deal ended in August 2005).

Things changed in late 1998 and I moved to Cyber Media corporate office. But finally exited the company on Christmas Day 1999. And helped develop and manage the Indiatimes information technology channel.

But I’d eaten too many jumping beans. And (too?) soon joined a new dot-com TheManageMentor‘s to drive content for their technology channel.

Unfortunately, TheManageMentor was a bit ahead of its times. This competency building and knowledge enhancement portal was funded by venture capital but over-prolific spending caused it to also implode once the VC bubble burst in early 2001:(

Early signs of decay appeared by mid-2001 when salaries became intermittent. By early-2002 they’d stopped completely!

I finally jumped ship in October 2002 for Indax Internet Services, a medium-sized Internet services development company addressing the Australasian, European, North American and Pan-Asia markets.

Life seems to have stabilized considerably.

December 2006 Update: Just promoted to Chief Operating Officer after 4 years building the business as the General Manager. With ready-to-deliver products and services, Indax’s monthly revenues are double its annual earnings before I bulked it up 🙂 I think I’m here to stay 🙂

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