wby eMusings?

Over the decades, I have been quite a prolific correspondent. Sadly much of this writing predates the Internet as we know it. And has been lost forever.

However one article I penned on Internet Content Development for The Hindu Opportunities (a career supplement) dated August 9, 2000 is till available.

(Update Apr. 30, 2012: Alas that page too has been lost in what seems like a website reorganization. I have a yellowing newsprint clipping somewhere. Pack rats like me rarely chuck anything away. It’s just a matter of finding it, scanning and re-publishing. Maybe not in hindsight as said article was bombastic and talks of opportunities long vanished :))

The online version is missing my picture. Which in some city-specific print editions was blown up super-size. And I actually got an offer from a Telegu movie producer who wanted to cast me in a forthcoming film. Unfortunately for me and you dear reader putting up with such drivel, the kidnapping (and eventual murder) of another film star in 2000 ended this alternate career before it even began!

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