What’s my next OS?

Right now I’m using a borrowed MacBook. And Boy Howdy I’m never going to actually buy one. Gimme DOS any day!

My work PC runs Windows 8.1 (short story: I had no intention of upgrading but Windows had quietly downloaded the update and presented me with an ultimatum: upgrade now or we’ll do it in the next 24 hrs. So I did and I’m now a happy Windows 8.1 camper.)

Will I use Windows 10? Hell Yeah! In short Windows 10 owes more to the smart phone interface than it does to  the conventional desktop model. That’s my take and I’m sticking with it for now.

What about Linux? Perhaps. The Mint distro is excellent. And makes the already friendly Ubuntu distro even friendlier.

I’ve used Linux before so the learning curve isn’t that steep. And the Mint interface kind of filters out the more difficult bits with a somewhat intuitive user interface. But if you’ve never Linuxed before the transition can be annoying 🙂

I’m (still) running Windows 10 Tech Preview and Linux Mint in (separate, duh) virtual machines.

Windows 10 for me is several steps back from Win 8. The demmed Start button is back except now you can embed your favorite apps. And apps now have an ability to be minimized or closed without hanging around consuming resources. Also new is the ability to separate your desktops. But most annoying is the need to use a live account (yes you can have a local account but many apps refuse to work with it), In Windows 10, Microsoft uses your connected OneDrive account to store all sorts of usage data. I hope its not a permanent feature. What about us backward types who’s Internet access is not always ON?

Linux Mint is everything Windows has never been. Light, secure, feature rich and with zero need to keep phoning home (aka stay connected to the party line to make monitoring easier). Mint was developed (forked) for mobile devices so it runs fine on holder hardware (incl. constrained resource virtual machines).

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