Web World – one step forwards but umpteen steps back

Since my last post (on search engine optimization), I realized the post had huge gaping holes. Not that the information contained is bad; its just incomplete. So here’s another promise: I shall write more on SEO.

Other news this week is I was blessed with my own personal Google Plus URL. It sure beats having to remember a string of numbers. And like on GMail, if you forget the capitalization no biggie! The URL will still be found.

I just hope that having my personalized URL doesn’t open me up to more unwanted email. There are a number of people (idiots? morons? imbeciles?) who use GMail but haven’t bothered to understand its naming conventions. I get confidential stuff like bank statements and frequent flyer program updates meant for many such dweebs. One even tried to reset “their” GMail password but failed as my account is linked to a separate authenticator.

Dear Readers, its time to secure your GMail account. If you haven’t followed the suggested security updates, it’s time to DO SO NOW.

The other hot buzz in my life is the WordPress auto-update system. Yes, its handy except when you have a heavily-customized site and you don’t want to upgrade in case the upgrade breaks custom code. Yadda! Yadda! Yadda! I realize if I’d followed standards that wouldn’t happen. But can we trust WordPress Dot Org to ensure that the latest core update doesn’t break some highly esoteric custom programming that’s unique to a single website? Besides I’m wondering if WordPress Dot Org isn’t falling into the same trap that made Microsoft infamous for sketchy software that needed multiple patches before it worked like advertised?

And yes, there’s a way to control / stop these auto updates. But UI wise I’d prefer if one more setting / switch was added.to Dashboard > Settings > General. No make that two more settings. #1 is a check box to enable Auto WordPress Core Updates. #2 a check box to enable Auto WordPress Core Update Notifications. Yes, I’m sure I can make a plugin but why didn’t the core developers think of that. If you do include it remember it WAS an eMUSING IDEA!

I’ve also encountered (and installed) a load of really handy plugins. More about them soon.

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