Use Firewall for Better Internet Security

As my posts never seem to get any responses other than spam comments 🙂 I’m falling back on a hit ‘n miss method of gauging via my site statistics. If reader want me to go back to the old huge (relatively speaking) posts. Or keep it simple with today’s shorts that don’t offer opinions; just links to interesting content.

As someone who’s online most of the day except when BSNL Dataone or my regular access provider decide I’ve spent enough time surfing the web. And disconnect me unceremoniously. I depend a lot on keeping my computer secure from the many (mutating?) forms of Internet threats. Security online has gone well beyond protecting yourself from computer viruses. Now even visiting a web site can launch an attack.

Since April 2008 I’ve been using the free Comodo 3.0 Pro firewall. That’s been recently (October 2008) upgraded to the Comodo Internet Security product because because 🙂 Plus I’m not entirely clear if the antivirus included in said Internet Security merely detects viruses (the web site is rather vague on this point). Or can also remove/quarantine them. Still, that’s no reason to diss an otherwise fine product.

But don’t take my word for it. Visit Matousec Firewall Challenge results. Besides a table rating the various products, you can also download a copy of each test as a PDF.


insomnia says:

pretty interesting, thanks for sharing.

Thanks for the valuable tips….

Nice i’ll try that firewall too. thanks for sharing the info! 🙂

Nice i’ll try that firewall too. thanks for sharing the info! 🙂

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