Too Dull To Continue?

Too much work as well as considerable play. Combined with not enough sleep has left EMusings a very dull person! Still, some residual aggression is frequently expended via the excellent RasterWerks Phosphor Beta FPS (first person shooter). Which I may add is the first Shockwave application that runs better in Opera and Firefox. Than Internet Explorer 6!

And yes, I have managed to collect the Suit Of Armor. For those whose introduction to FPS has been Phosphor. Do position yourself several paces behind the railing, then run. And just as you see the catwalk railing appear, Jump. If your sound is enabled you’ll hear a satisfying ding.

I do notice one thing about Phosphor. That regardless of your level the ‘Bots spend more time slaughtering each other than they do you. Which is good I suppose, since one shot from them can do you more damage than vice versa.

The rocket launcher is awesome. But the sniper rifle lets you lurk and shoot. And for really close up combat nothing can beat the mis-named pulse gun which is more a derringer than a real rifle.

So on to the new software this week. Beginning with Opera 9 Beta Build 8333. That fixes several memory leaks. As well as rendering and usability issues most commonly experienced with GMail. As also with forum sites powered by vBulletin. The content blocker too has been improved.

And the Unix (also Linux) builds have had the Netscape Plug-in API 0.16 enabled. This allows Opera to piggy-back on plug-ins developed for the Gecko (ex-Netscape) browser engine. However the widget feature is still being worked on. Do note that any set of installed widgets are only available for that specific session. A workaround on the Opera Forums contends that explicitly saving an Opera session will save your widgets. But it didn’t to work for me!

The planned Firefox 2.0 Alpha (Bon Echo build) preview is delayed. As I haven’t had an opportunity to download and test out the latest alpha. Without corrupting my existing Firefox profile. But if you want to test it out for yourself, here’s the blog posting that started it all.

This week I’ve also had opportunity to download and install the new Gaim 2 Beta 3 for Windows. And includes built-in support for the Aspell dictionary engine. While introducing a new GTK 2.10 runtime version. The overall interface has been improved on compared to the previous 1.5 version. But it still ain’t Trillian 🙂 And if anything the Beta is still very buggy. It’s very network throughput intolerant. And unless you have a 256 kbps or better connection, frequently complains of service disconnects! I finally was exhausted and reverted to Gail 1.5.

There’s also a new Google Talk version available. Google Talk (Testing) supports the use of avatars. And when you roll over a contact’s name, it will display more information about them. Just like the web-enabled GTalk feature supports. The interface now supports Add/View contact buttons. As well as multiple chat windows styles that support plain text styles as well as avatar-based images.

That’s it for now. Stay safe and more next week (I think).

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