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Perfect smart phone is here

Two months ago (I asked why phone designers couldn’t come up with a candy bar smartphone that could be used as a tablet instead of requiring users to lug around those super sized ‘phablets’. Well wait no more. PaperFold developed by a Canadian company has just been revealed (I learned about it via UK’s DailyMail ePaper) they’re working on such a device.

Except you still need to carry the extra screens. So you will still need a large bag. With the potential to lose a screen (all if you misplace the bag)! I’m also not entirely sure if the screen connectors will degrade with use. I still think my idea is better. Do you agree?

Building the perfect smart phone

Have you noticed today’s smart phones that seem to get ever larger. Yes, there are plenty folks who don’t mind carrying around something brick-sized. Or worse a rectangular flooring tile. C’mon phone designers, can’t you leverage technology to make it work right in a smaller, more portable size?

For example, picture-in-picture (PIP) has been around for decades. And all that big screens at concerts are actually made up of smaller screens slaved together so each individual panel shows a specific part of the image. Now, suppose this technology was extended to candy-bar mobiles?

You have the central main screen that can be viewed vertically (tall) or horizontally (wide). And yes, there are a number of phones that do just that. But let’s take the idea a bit further. And add slide out and raise into place wafer screens on both sides. The phone user can choose to extend one or both screen wafers; depending on how large they want the display area.

Sure these phones won’t be waterproof. And no, like some people like these instruments can’t be wrapped in an after-market plastic coat or case without sacrificing the extra viewing area. But life is full of compromises. If you get your phone wet that’s on you. If you want a zebra-striped or pink polka dotted case cos’ that’s your thing, again the accessorizing is on you. But there are lots of people who don’t do either. I don’t do for example.

So where’s my perfect smart phone that doubles as a tablet?