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Microsoft free Keyboard for Excel app

Right, you love Microsoft Excel. But you use a smartphone for most of your spreadsheet interactions. And not only is the default Android keyboard wanting. The Google keyboard is no better. But there’s hope right here, right now.

Microsoft (yeah the people with a competing mobile platform), offers Keyboard for Excel; an optimized-for-numbers keyboard that includes Excel operators plus a Tab key for easy navigation.

The sole downside is this keyboard is a Beta product. And is missing auto-correct support, gesture typing and is English only.

Microsoft Garage is Microsoft’s version of Google’s Summer of Code. And offers lots of innovative apps.

[image courtesy Google Play store]


Is Windows 10 Really Evolutionary?

The new Microsoft Windows 10 Technical Preview is now available. You can’t officially direct download the software. Copies exist on torrent websites but their history is iffy and while I hate to diss the bittorrent community, there’s a high possibility you will not get what you’re looking for! (more…)