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Responsive view

eMusings has finally switched from a visual to a text only. And mobile friendly view. Using the Simply Pure theme built on Yahoo’s CSS framework. Yes, I could have used the built-in Twenty Sixteen theme, but I like being different. There are still some layout issues that I need to fix. So patience young paduwan!

More about Yahoo’s Pure by Yahoo – small, responsive CSS modules framework.

WordPress 2.7 (Coltrane) is jazzy!

Sorry for the blog snafus over the past 24 hours. A schedule WordPress update went horribly wrong. First I deleted the wrong folders. Then I uploaded all the wrong files. Then my Net connection broke down for the evening.

This morning with a clear (rested) brain I restored my previous (2.6.x working) version first. Then after I’d had my morning cuppa joe, upgraded the blog to WordPress 2.7 ‘Coltrane’. There are still a few installation bugs I need to work through. My pretty URLs are all broke for now. And several plugins are misbehaving (could be as a result of URL issue).

This Coltrane build is jazzy cool 🙂 I had been closely following the new user interface (UI) and the other feature real close. Had even setup a copy of the Beta on a test system. The new version’s is delight to use. Features are clustered now. And offer drop-down links to management functions. Of course you need to use a ‘modern’ browser that supports JavaScript. And Ajax. But let me see where this blog goes.

For more on what’s new and changed click here (opens in a new window).