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Windows disk cleaner hidden secrets

Recently my olde and tired PC (its 4+ years old) suffered a clicking hard disk (hdd). I first put this down to a drive failing due to age as my average HDD age is 3+ years. But then on a whim I replaced the clicky disk’s SATA power cable and the noise stopped. Although it seems after all that some sector-level damage was done too! Still the SMART parameters are within acceptable limits so the drive and PC will be upgraded together. Someday. (more…)

Windows 8: Working without Start Orb

I’ve been meaning to write about my Windows 8 experience since the OS debut back in September 2011. But never seemed to get around to putting fingers to keyboard. There’s been a lot of positive and negative press about how Windows 8 will be a game-changer. Along with comparisons to Apple’s iOS interface. Many writers also talk about how the lack of the Start Orb means this Windows version is useless. And other about how they are going to go back to Windows 7 or Vista or even Windows XP. (more…)