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Free from Google – Snail Mail Holiday Cards

Would you like to send a free Christmas Card through the post to someone you like (or love) in the United States (of America)? Google is offering a free send-a-card-through-snail-mail service at gmail.com/holidaycard. It’s a limited offer on account of “limited Gmail elf availability” and its limited to US addresses only.

The service offers one of 7 card designs. That you can customize with a short (255 character) message.

Way back when Apple too offered a similar free iCard service that let you send customized cards from their collection. Sadly the service was terminated in 2008. Now only Apple users can send cards through their mail program.

Maybe we can blame the downturn for the loss of such free services. But I think its the same infamous ‘bean counter’ at work again. Said counters destroyed the American car industry in Detroit. And paved the way for the rise of Japanese. And Korean. And re-badged Chinese automobiles in the US. And let’s not forget the short-lived Yugo mini car. Maybe the BRIC revenge will continue in the form of the Tata Nano mini car.