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Windows 8: Safely eject USB drive

If you are among the lucky to have upgraded to Windows 8 Developer Preview (released September 2011) despite naysayers bemoaning loss of the Start Orb and other Windows 7 and earlier functions, I’m sure you’ll agree there’s lots to love about this new operating system. But one of the things to hate is its USB handling. Although the Release Candidate fixes this glitch, for the rest of us here’s a super-simple fix: (more…)

Free RAMDisk 3.5 updated

From my website statistics, I see that the most popular posts are “Free RAM Disk supports FAT, NTFS and disk size up to 3 GB” (951 views) and “Free RamDisk works on Windows 7” (48 views) — both about a wonderful free software that lets you reserve part of the installed system memory as a volatile RAM disk. Read the linked posts for more on what you can use the software for. The latest DataRAMDisk 3.5 version (3.0 MB MSI installer download) brings you

New Features:

  • Configuration option added to disable creation of a backup image file.
  • Image file is automatically compressed when saving to an NTFS file system. In addition to reducing the amount of disk space required, this also dramatically reduces image save/load times. (There is a configuration option to disable this if so desired.)

Along with some bug fixes:

  • Fixed uninstall issues under Windows 7.
  • Fixed start menu items not being deleted when uninstalled.
  • Improved multiple start reliability under Windows XP.