Syme for secure social network

syme secure social network

Oh the irony. Syme is a new secure social network with plans to compete against Facebook (which we all know is happily sharing user data with the US Government. Like duh!) yet has a Facebook page. It’s early days so no idea if:

(a) Syme will be popular or is just another leaky app

(b) if Facebook admin’s wise up and remove a competitor (proving Syme is viable after all. I mean if Facebook bans a competitor that app must be doing it right)

The Syme homepage offer a Google Chrome app link. I mean like really! Default Google Chrome browser phones home (Google) sharing user browsing details with Google. So how does a secure network guarantee user security when it offers a plugin for a browser that 90% of users have transmitting their online activity to the developer.

I don’t use Google Chrome browser unless I have to (for extension testing). Even in fully locked down mode. Instead I use the free SRWare Iron browser that uses the open-source Chromium browser engine code. Iron is Chrome less Google’s custom data sharing settings. Chrome even has its own extension site; except these aren’t all that great. The actual Chrome App Store (for official Google approved extensions) don’t work very well in Iron. But no biggie :)

And the Stme privacy ironies don’t end. The Syme Blog is hosted by Posthaven that claims to remain online forever. As long as users pay their USD 5 dues monthly. Yeah right! Blame the users for failure to continue. Where have we heard that before? Posthaven lets you blog by sending them an email. Can any data sharing method be even more insecure? It isn’t that hard to setup a free blog. offers a free blog with a free subdomain (aka and runs in secure mode so that data exchange between you and site is encrypted against snoopers.

Next rant someday soon.

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