Use Spyware Blaster to Protect Portable Firefox

I’m sure (by now) you are aware of the Portable Firefox application that bundles a complete Mozilla Firefox 3.x version as a ready-to-use browser setup. All you have to do is download the relevant file (available in Firefox 3.0.1x and Firefox 3.6 Beta builds) from to your systems. Click to run the installer. And save the files to a location on either your hard disk drive. Or on a portable (USB pen) drive. Whatever floats your boat better.

Spyware Blaster (for those who haven’t been paying attention) is a powerful anti-spyware protection application. The free for personal user version should work for 99% of all users. Unlike other security tools, Spyware Blaster protects you before the fact. Blocking cookies, dialers, ActiveX controls and known spyware web sites from your browsers. The existing 4.2 build protects Windows, Internet Explorer and Firefox. As the Opera web browser doesn’t use DOM it’s quite secured against most malware.

The problem with Spyware Blaster is it can’t detect Portable Firefox since the latter isn’t installed; mere extracted. So we need to implement a workaround.

[Update: June 10, 2012: I’ve revised this post to include how to patch your Portable Firefox settings to enable SpywareBlaster monitoring. Read on 🙂

How to:

1. Create the following folder:
Windows XP/Vista – Documents and Settings(Your user)Application DataMozillaFirefox (if you are using )
Windows 7/8 – Users(Your user)AppDataRoamingMozillaFirefox

2. Create new text file with the following:



(Path is mine, you modify according to where your portable is)

Save text file as profiles.ini in the folder you created – D:Documents and Settings(Your user)Application DataMozillaFirefox

Now start SWB again

Fix courtesy:


there is also the malwarebytes tool but spyware blaster looks good too

wap-tek says:

start firefox.usb
look in Documents and Settings
YourLoginNameApplication Data
right click, new, text doc,
name it profiles.ini , paste this in to it


Path=C:Program FilesFirefox2Dataprofile

run spyware blaster, apply all protection, close both programs

emusingly says:

Excellent suggestion. Thanks for the tip.

You can enable ActiveX and Cookie protection, both of which will help prevent hijacks and spyware. You can also go through each and every entry to customize the list of which SpywareBlaster watches over.

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