Multi-thread Browser Download Manager

I sometimes feel like Diogenes when looking for the quickest way to download files from the Internet. Yes, there are dedicated multi-thread download managers like EagleGet but someone they all fall short one day when I need them the most! So I’ve fallen back on browser based download clients since they are so much easier to use without futzing around with the keyboard. Of course that’s just my opinion.

For over 7 years I was very happy with the Firefox DownThemAll extension. And then I lost its use after a Firefox Nightly update. Yes, I heard all of your screaming that what was I to expect when using a stated unable build. The add-in exclusion is because Firefox is desperately trying to improve its security and support the Chrome browser extension universe. I’m not sure if it can do both. But then again Nightly builds are released to upset us Firefox fans! If the majority hate a feature and loudly register their opposition such core changes seem to be dropped.

Getting back on topic, I looked around for alternative working download managers. And found Turbo Download Manager. The interface is very clunky. Right now it doesn’t capture download links from within the browser. So you have to manually add each job. If there a direct download link right-click on it to add the download link into Turbo Download. But once you do that its nearly as good. You can set all kinds of information about the download to be. And even set how many segments you want to download (the default is 3).

I’ve just grabbed 3 files totaling 348 MB. The two smaller ones — 20 MB and 10 MB — arrived in under a minute each. The big one took about 30 minutes. And these were all concurrent data grabs.

If you use cutting edge Firefox (now v45). Or even if you stick with the official stable release (v42), you do want to get Turbo Download Manager.


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