Make Firefox 3 Rocket – short, simple ‘n sweet

If you really want to make Firefox the fastest browser around it take 3 staeps to make it happen.

First you have to download a Beta copy of Firefox 3.1.x Beta download link. Alternatively, you can access the Mozilla FTP system at to download a copy of the latest trunk version. As I do at least once a week.

Next grab a copy of Portable Firefox as it’s not advisable to direct-install these trunk builds. Unless you’re willing to live with chaos.

For those who came in late, Portable Applications (in general), were developed for setup and use from USB pen drives. And let you to run a complete application from just the one folder. Users like I extend the ease-of-use by using portable versions of common tools like Mozilla Firefox (web browsing, RSS reader, basic FTP), Mozilla Thunderbird (email), Filezilla (file transfers. advanced FTP), Iron (alternative Webkit-based browser similar to Google Chrome but cleaner), Opera Tor (proxy-enabled web browser with enhanced privacy), etcetera.

There’s even a complete Portable Suite with Mozilla Firefox (web browser), Mozilla Thunderbird (email), Mozilla Sunbird (calendar/tasks), ClamWin Portable (antivirus), Pidgin (instant messaging), Sumatra PDF (PDF reader), KeePass Password Safe (password manager), Sudoku (game), Mines-Perfect (game), CoolPlayer+ (audio player) and (office suite – word processor, spreadsheet, presentations, database utility & drawing) available for download.

Using portable software means I can carry around a copy of all my favorite software. Plus it really easy to merge bookmarks between home and office.

I’m assuming now that you have either downloaded and installed a Firefox 3.1 Beta. Or have modified the Portable Firefox to use a Firefox 3.1 Beta.

Open the browser and either in the active tab. or in a new Tab, type ‘about:config’ in the Address Bar and press Enter. When the warning dialog appear, click the button to continue. Then in the filter line, type in ‘javascript.options.jit.content‘ and toggle it from ‘false‘ (default) to ‘true‘.

That’s all it takes to make your Firefox 3.1x Beta run like a rocket.

Caveat: This fix doesn’t work for Firefox 1.x, Firefox 2.x or even Firefox 3.0.x.

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