New Google Privacy Policy and how it affects you

So Google new Privacy Policy effective March 1, 2012 is going to capture all your search behavior and use it for Google’s Greater Good. Big Deal! As a web user I find Google Search results not so great when looking for anything. Too much irrelevancy when time is short and user impatient 🙂

So I’ll let you into a a personal secret. Switch search engines. I have been using an amazing search engine called DuckDuckGo for the past year. And the quality of results is amazing.

What I like about DuckDuckGo is how easily you can add (and make it the default) it to your web browser. Even Google Chrome. The only browser where I had had problems adding it is Internet Explorer 9 Beta (on Windows 8 – my take on this new Windows version coming soon).Subsequent to adding this entry I decided to dig around the Net to see if I couldn’t hack the IE10 (yes, Windows 8 Developer Preview offers two versions of IE10 Beta). Unfortunately none of them worked. And then I decided to re-visit Microsoft’s IE Additions website. To discover that DuckDuckGo is now available as an add-in search engine option.

But on ye olde Internet Explorer 8 I added DuckDuckGo as a custom search engine.

DuckDuckGo is not just a search engine like Bing or Yahoo. It goes further (Hint: Click the MORE > Goodies link on its home page) and can do everything Google can without the clutter. I find it invaluable when looking for technology stuff, programming related results and more. I often wonder how I did without it until I did.

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