Google Search Instant Preview could be better

Google recently raised the bar on search result quality by introducing inline previews of sites matching your keywords. Now you no longer need to view the cached version link (even thought its often faster than the real site) to avoid pop-ups and other annoyances. However these previews aren’t really instant. You still need to click the magnifying glass icon for any result to view a snapshot. However I found a glitch: run a new search and you’ll need to click an icon again to activate the feature.

I realise it’s early days but surely Google’s coders could have made activation persistent for the browser session. I hope they read this post and fix this “glitch”.

Microsoft’s Bing also displays a page preview. But it’s not a visual snapshot. Instead it extracts specific data from the page code and displays it. Sites developed using valid formatting with all their eyes dotted and tees crossed display more usable information that those that don’t.

Yahoo as usual is lagging behind both! How are they ever going to compete if they can’t innovate faster than the competition. Maybe its time to bite that bullet and merge into the Redmond Machine.

The Google Instant Preview also interests me from an SEO (Search Engine Optimization) perspective. Because I can now instantly view a site sans any developer (and client) induced annoyances to get my attention. For know more about the Impact of Instant Preview, click the link.

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