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Just this week I chanced upon the Community BitTorrent Tracker. This most interesting BitTorrent search offers live concert tracks from trading-friendly artists. Including the Grateful Dead, AC/DC, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, Dave Mathews Band, Jerry Garcia, Indigo Girls, John Mayer and many more. The site is well worth a visit and there’s some great music to be had here.

You can browse by band (the default view), or by user (member) collection
Before you download make sure to review the uploaders comments as well as downloaded feedback. As some recording are plain terrible. But there are lots of diamonds in the rough.

Overall the week that was was interestingly exhausting. A client had flown to India to meet the people who built his web site. While giving us a new commission. Because this plans to be a very detailed catalog site storing thousands of huge files across hundreds of categories. I’ve spent the past week discussing site features. Defining process work flows. And evaluating various software components that we’ll probably need to integrate. Will share more one day.

But that’s all work. Here’s my form of play. And will lead off with Firefox . This is a significant improvement over the previous v1.5. The updates bring improved stability, better Mac OS X support, IDN (International Domain Name) support for .is (Iceland). As well as eight security fixes. And most importantly, a resolution of the critical memory leaks that afflicted its predecessor.

I have used the upgraded Firefox over the weekend. And have found the frequent lockup when the browser would plain stop responding to be considerably minimized. And the resource use is so much better than it was before. And using Firefox is even more of a joy than before. In comparison Opera 9 is slow and buggy!

And Windows XP users rejoice with the first Internet Explorer 7 Public Beta. But they will be the only who do. IE7 is not available for any other Windows production version including Windows 2000/2003. You need to rush as the demand is greater than supply. And download sites vanish faster than new ones appear. You may want to try SoftPedia. That also offers a quick feature overview.

If you are looking for something more exhaustive. Do read Paul Thurott’s Internet Explorer 7.0 Beta 2 Public Preview Review. As always, Paul does a great job.

Total Commander 6.54 too is available. This build resolves a couple of minor bugs. If you use this utility I highly recommend updating your version. And as always check the TotalCMD web site for news of new and updated extensions and plug-ins.

I needed to extract a customer’s hosting server details. Since Total Commander stores passwords encrypted, I was reduced to also managing file transfers on behalf of colleagues. And then I chanced across Windows Commander Power Pack, an interesting collection of Total Commander plug-ins assembled by SoftNews from various sources.

The tool I needed most was wcftppassrip to access the wcx_ftp.ini file and extract the relevant information. Other components include icon libraries, optimized Windows Commander Menu Files to change menu bar layouts, Archive/Packing Updates, Tweak WC lets you tweak the Windows Commander v5.0 interface by changing wincmd.ini, WC Expert Options changes multiple ‘expert’ options direct to wincmd.ini. As well as plugins to access or create files MSI, BZ2, HA, ISO and RPM files. As well as view REG (Windows registry files) as directories. And lots more.

And finally, Daemon Tools. This free software allows you to ‘mount’ image files as virtual drives on your computer. I originally downloaded it to view the contents of a large ISO file with a really silly name. So after a bit of searching I finally found this utility. DAEMON Tools supports multi-protection emulation using the generic Safedisc emulator to support backups of SafeDisc (C-Dilla), Securom or Laserlock protected games. The package includes a Virtual DVD-ROM drive (which I’m more interested in) to use ISO and NRG image files as if they were already burned to disk. DAEMON Tools works with Windows 9x/ME/NT/2000/XP and supports any IDE/SCSI with all types of CD-/DVD-ROM drives.

That’s it for me this week. Stay Safe. And we’ll meet next time.

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