Fix WordPress htaccess ineffeciencies

Found an interesting post about WordPress htaccess inefficiencies. For those not in the know htaccess is the file that enables the nice search- and human-friendly page links you see in your browser address bar.

But before I blogged about the issue I decided to test it myself with my own blogs; including this one. And yes the before and after change was significant. Overall the efficient htaccess improved blog response time by 19%. That’s good enough for me as I recently moved to a shared hosting account from a virtual private server (VPS). If you’re wondering why the change, it’s pure economics: I now pay the same per year as I did per month for the VPS!

VPS are a good choice when you have co-host customer sites some of whom may be sending unsolicited emails. The VPS permits the addition of multiple IPs so its easy for a server admin to group know spammers together. Let birds of a feather flock together I say.

But no more space-filling rubbish. For more on improving your WordPress site render times visit (Note: This htaccess tweak only works for self-hosted blogs with permalinks enabled.)

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