Death To All Bots!

While tons of really useful freeware has been cascading off my virtual desk. I decided to take a vacation from the usual long, and often (in hindsight) burning column. I mean like come one 1200+ words a week!

So how did I spend the week? Playing the updated version of Rasterwerks Phosphor Beta 1 FPS (First Person Shooter). As I’ve found this online game a great way to burn off atavistic energies. Because there’s nothing quite like a few blood splatters preferably from the other guy/gal to really r-e-l-a-x a person. Burn off all that angst caused by interacting with some really dumb, nay stupid clients 🙂

So what has changed in Rasterwerks Phosphor? Quite a bit actually. The ‘bot enemies not only regenerate faster. But game play is quite a bit smoother. And while I haven’t been able to unintentionally run though a seemingly solid wall to view the game from outside its 3D models. An action that on the only occasion it happened all the ‘bots too seemed to exit the model (er, battlefield) and stuck trying to run through walls making them easy to shoot in the back.

But I have been twice blown off my feet by a couple of rocket rounds. Through a seemingly solid rock face. So I could see myself outside the solid model as I lay dying.

And the ‘bots overall have become even more accurate shots. Often a single zeroed round from the Sniper Rifle can take you out. And worst (or best depending on the view) you can see your enemies run past as you vision clouds red as you die.

I have also found that when playing as a Warrior (Level 4) or Champion (Level 5). The Sniper Rifle is truly deadly. One shot from medium-to-close range wipes out any Suit of Armor. And two shots will destroy the armor and kill you!

The ‘bots are tougher too. I notice that in Level 4-5 the ‘bots are generated by default with their health at 200. You in comparison start with a default of 100. And can add another 100 by grabbing a Suit of Armor. And if a ‘bot suits up, then they have a 300 point life expectancy!

But the weapons have definitely improved. Especially the Pulse gun which now sports much improved accuracy. Although that may partially have to do with my discovering the rapid fire option (keep the primary fire control button depressed).

But I notice that the machine gun too is better scoring than before. So much so I rarely need the rocket launcher to lay the smackdown on whichever ‘bot is in my sights.

If there’s anything bad about this FPS. Outside of the very graphic gore and explosion effects. Its the crappy Shockwave. And no this isn’t caused by Rasterwerks programming quality. But that of Adobe. Which has released a truly crappy Shockwave 10 player. That sort of stumbles along in Internet Explorer 6. But often chokes in Internet Explorer 7. And just about expires in Firefox 1.5 and Opera 9.

Oh and while Adobe’s new web site looks more Macromedia. Making me wonder just who exactly took over who. The quality of download speeds has declined considerably. What with both product lines sharing what appears to be one of Adobe’s overloaded file servers.

Don’t let the web site lull you into installing the light versions of the respective players for your browser (Internet Explorer or Firefox/Netscape/Opera). Instead download the full Flash 7/8 or Shockwave 10 installer. Close your browser. And then install.

And with that rant I’m off to do some killing. As should you. Join the other 2.3 millions site visitors. Meanwhile stay safe and we’ll catch up next week.

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