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Firefox for All Reasons

Let’s set the scene: two mobiles (iOS and Android), desktop computer (Windows), iPad, laptop (Linux). What’s common? Mozilla Firefox of course!

Why? Because by synchronizing your open tabs, browser history, bookmarks and extensions across devices it doesn’t matter which device you’re using. Plus you use your Firefox account to access the Pocket link saving and promoting service. Pretty neat right?

It’s quite simple to setup Firefox Sync. All you need is a verified email address and a password. Every time you sync a new device you do have to confirm the action via click link in email sent you. And another thing.

Sync won’t let you login without the correct password. No brainier that for a service, right. But Sync goes better and the sign-in button won’t activate unless the password’s correct. No not magic but that would be cool. Just intelligent use of public and private keys.

Microsoft free Keyboard for Excel app

Right, you love Microsoft Excel. But you use a smartphone for most of your spreadsheet interactions. And not only is the default Android keyboard wanting. The Google keyboard is no better. But there’s hope right here, right now.

Microsoft (yeah the people with a competing mobile platform), offers Keyboard for Excel; an optimized-for-numbers keyboard that includes Excel operators plus a Tab key for easy navigation.

The sole downside is this keyboard is a Beta product. And is missing auto-correct support, gesture typing and is English only.

Microsoft Garage is Microsoft’s version of Google’s Summer of Code. And offers lots of innovative apps.

[image courtesy Google Play store]


Google Assistant everywhere

This Google Assistant feature is appearing everywhere. But just not on my phone! Am I sad at the omission? Not really. 

You can now get the Google Assistant in the

  • text chat app Google Allo
  • video chat app Google Duo

And in the new vastly over priced Google Pixel smartphones. 

And if you have Android Nougat and if you’re willing to root your device then modify ( some configuration files.