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Google Allo / Duo – phone users as guinea pigs

Google Allo is a new messaging client for regular and encrypted (incognito) chats. And includes an ‘Assistant’ who learns your choices and actions to help you better and suggest options. Right now Allo is an English only Preview Edition you can download from the Play Store or App Store (iOS 8 onwards).

The Google Assistant appears on first run. Then helps setup the app and introduce you to the basic actions. 

You can also call the assistant from within Allo by typing ‘@google’  or using this as a prefix to your question. 

  1. The Google Assistant is supposed to learn so it can offer you better suggestions. Now personally I dislike voice actuated interfaces. There’s too much room for error due to accent, stress and ambient noise. For example in my straw test I asked  the Google Assistant “how to change Allo settings” it displayed a page about aloe vera. My next try opened a page about potatoes (aloo in Hindi). Third time I asked “change settings” to see app help.


Note-taking apps Keep and Parchi

I’ve rather recently embraced Android. And like any new user have been trawling through the vast Play Store. Of special interest are note taking apps. Because us paper ‘n pen types like to write stuff down. Everywhere 🙂

The bundled (Android KitKat) Note app is a bit sparse on features and its interface sucks! So I use Google Keep to store texts to myself. Keep is tied into the Google’verse so I can auto-backup my stuff to my Google’count. (more…)

Multi-thread Browser Download Manager

I sometimes feel like Diogenes when looking for the quickest way to download files from the Internet. Yes, there are dedicated multi-thread download managers like EagleGet but someone they all fall short one day when I need them the most! So I’ve fallen back on browser based download clients since they are so much easier to use without futzing around with the keyboard. Of course that’s just my opinion. (more…)