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Firefox for All Reasons

Let’s set the scene: two mobiles (iOS and Android), desktop computer (Windows), iPad, laptop (Linux). What’s common? Mozilla Firefox of course!

Why? Because by synchronizing your open tabs, browser history, bookmarks and extensions across devices it doesn’t matter which device you’re using. Plus you use your Firefox account to access the Pocket link saving and promoting service. Pretty neat right?

It’s quite simple to setup Firefox Sync. All you need is a verified email address and a password. Every time you sync a new device you do have to confirm the action via click link in email sent you. And another thing.

Sync won’t let you login without the correct password. No brainier that for a service, right. But Sync goes better and the sign-in button won’t activate unless the password’s correct. No not magic but that would be cool. Just intelligent use of public and private keys.

Responsive view

eMusings has finally switched from a visual to a text only. And mobile friendly view. Using the Simply Pure theme built on Yahoo’s CSS framework. Yes, I could have used the built-in Twenty Sixteen theme, but I like being different. There are still some layout issues that I need to fix. So patience young paduwan!

More about Yahoo’s Pure by Yahoo – small, responsive CSS modules framework.