Note-taking apps Keep and Parchi

I’ve rather recently embraced Android. And like any new user have been trawling through the vast Play Store. Of special interest are note taking apps. Because us paper ‘n pen types like to write stuff down. Everywhere 🙂

The bundled (Android KitKat) Note app is a bit sparse on features and its interface sucks! So I use Google Keep to store texts to myself. Keep is tied into the Google’verse so I can auto-backup my stuff to my Google’count.

Keep let’s you change note colors. But the choices are bilious. And since I can’t change text color I need to be careful of my note color choices! But I can tag and organize notes so I can find them later. And there are two views: grid (default) and list. And notes can also have check boxes.

And then I discovered Parchi via a Google Summer of Code link. Developed by Microsoft, its very bare bones but the focus is on the noting vs note style.

Yes you can change the app header colors and switch between grid and list view. And embed a picture (gallery or camera). But I really like the ease: add your text and organize using a hashtag keyword.  Simple. Easy. And Parchi floats on your lock screen. And can be backed up to a Microsoft account.

Oh! And this is (also) post #1 via the WordPress app. Nothing like embracing the moment.

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