2007 Hangovers and More

The trouble with New Year Resolutions is that they are so easy to unconsciously break! No sooner have you made them that they’re broken. I was so determined that my first posting for 2007 would be available before the dawn of the New Year. But then I forgot to finesse and post it. Until now, that is. As I listen to Elvis Complete Singles Collection (an end of year gift to myself). Did you know I haven’t heard some of these songs for nearly two decades!

So definitely no resolutions for 2007. It’s better to BE instead of promising to be better 🙂 So let me thank my 20,000 loyal readers. All of whom have bookmarked the eMusings RSS feed page. It’s because of you that I decided to keep this column going as a mark of appreciation.

Is it just me? Or have you too noticed how boring Google Adsense links have become? Google needs to apply print media rules. Or at the very least the rules Google requires of web sites. To its Adsense links, so the description actually tells us about the link. Otherwise why else would you (or I) click one of those links? Hell! the sheer ad tag line boringness means I’d never click linked ad from my own blog.

The Year 2006 was a higher water mark in great software. Mozilla Firefox became a real winner all the way. Not just because it was something Mom could use. But also because its so feature rich and yet quite easy to customize and extend. Using either the Geek-level about:config. Or the Mom-level install then restart to use Extensions.

Firefox also works with an entire generation of web sites; many of which were developed almost exclusively for Internet Explorer. I wish the also-released in 2006 Internet Explorer 7 for Windows XP/2003 was so easy to customize. Opera too ran through an entire Version 9 Beta process through the year with the final version launched in the last days of the year.

In a previous posting (December 17, 2007), I’d recommended the free YaNews DL Expert multi-threaded download manager. I have since been using another free software, Free Download Manager (FDM). This combines a multi-threaded download manager with a (download) task scheduler, Site Explorer, Site Manager and an HTML spider to download complete web sites.

Free Download Manager active downloadsFDM’s download manager supports light, medium and heavy traffic mode settings. And you can also customize the number of download threads and the download speed for each mode. What I like is FDM’s ability to automatically drop (if so set) to a lower usage mode on browser activity. Unfortunately lack of browser activity doesn’t cause the traffic mode to increase a level. You need to manually bump up the usage mode.

You can also create download groups, and arrange files into folders sorted by extension. FDM also includes an integrated Zip preview. Scanning downloads for viruses (using a separately installed antivirus application). Along with a audio/video file preview function. And even a User Opinion rating. That’s actually quite useless. Since its frequently abused by FDM users who just because they hate Bill Gates is no reason to label any Microsoft download as malicious!

For more on free download managers for Windows, Linux and Mac see Wikipedia’s Comparison of download managers.

That’s it for this week. Stay Safe. And we’ll meet again real soon. And use the free Secunia Security Inspector service to check for Windows vulnerabilities.

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